What Should You Know About The Pharmacy Technician Career?

While there are many industries out there where job opportunities are on the decline, when looking at technology and healthcare, we see a constant increases even if the state of the economy is not great. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to see an increase in available pharmacy technician jobs in CT. The pharmacy technician career is one that is highly attractive for those that want to help people and make good money at the same time.

The pharmacy technician basically works under the licensed pharmacist. There are various places where jobs are available for these professionals, ranging from retail settings to hospital pharmacies. You can even find some in rehab centers.

The main duties of the pharmacy technician are connected to what the pharmacist has to do, especially in properly dispensing prescriptions while guaranteeing that patients and customers will be served efficiently and quickly. The job description does tend to vary from one employer to the next but in most cases the main function is the same.

Career advancement is always possible for pharmacy technicians through specialized training. Examples of areas where there is a high demand for specialized technicians include nuclear pharmacy, management and oncology. It is a good idea to work for a regular licensed pharmacist for around one year until specialization is chosen since this allows the individual to make a better choice.

Since it is obviously important for all people, the median hourly rate that is gained by the pharmacy technician is $14. The federal minimum wage is of around $10 so you are making more. Advancement opportunities are available at little initial investments. It is possible to take various classes for around 6 to 9 months while certification tests are really easy to take. Self-studying is also possible but regular classes are recommended.

In order to increase the possibility of climbing the ladders faster, it is a really good idea to first get an internship in the healthcare filed, preferably in a pharmacy. That gives you the much needed work experience that is relevant and that will set you apart from the other candidates. The school that you study at can easily help you to find proper internships. Alternatively, it is possible to talk to family members or friends/co-workers for a referral. Make sure that you also look on the internet for job opportunities as they are often advertised on many specialized sites.

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