Tips To Help You Market An Occupational Therapy

The truth is that most people out there that want to go through an occupational therapy career do so because of the fact that they love to help others. No matter what activity you are a part of, what counts the most is getting clients though since at the end of the day you do want to make money in order to also give yourself what you want. Many occupational therapist open their own practice or work as individual contractors. No matter the case, the service that is offered will need to be marketed. We cannot deny the fact that occupational therapy can be rewarding but what do you do in the event that you do not get clients? With this in mind, here are some simple tips that will help you to properly market the business.

Using Online Blogging

This is something that is incredibly effective. You cannot simply highlight the services that are offered, do some SEO or social media marketing and expect to get new clients. This is something that works only in the event that you are helped by someone that is a celebrity or if you already have a huge reputation on the market.

When you first break out in this field, you want to highlight the fact that you are good and that you really care about your patients. You can easily do this through blogging. People will see you as an individual that cares, which is really important in this industry.

Marketing In Local Communities

Occupational therapy is basically all about the connection that happens between the therapist and the client. What better way to market this service than to actually meet people that may be interested in your service? Think about the area that you can cover based on the practice that you set up. Then, locate local communities with a focus on those that are humanitarian in nature, like what churches offer. Sign up to community events and start networking. The truth is that networking is a tremendous way to market occupational therapy services.

Video Promotion

Instead of staying focused on using regular ads that we are all used to on the internet, how about using videos? You can easily promote your services through video sharing sites like YouTube. In this case, the trick is to offer content that is really valuable and informative. You cannot simply promote the therapy that you offer. You need to highlight the benefits associated with the service while you promote yourself as an individual that cherishes the patients.


What is highly important at the end of the day when you market occupational therapy services is to be patient and remain focused on the way in which you help patients. If you do that, you will be able to set yourself apart from those therapists that simply focus on what they offer instead of the benefits of what is offered. We could say that the best marketing campaign you can create is one that focuses on public relations instead of core marketing strategies.

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