How to Tell If You Need a Tutor

Do you feel like you are struggling in school, but you’re not sure if you need professional help from a tutor yet? Read on to determine whether or not you need a tutor.

1. Are your grades slipping even though you’re putting in the same amount of effort? Talk to your teacher to figure out which concepts you’re struggling with the most. If these are concepts that you’ve studied a lot or thought you understood, you may need a tutor to help you relearn them.

2. Is time management your main problem? You may do fine in classes when you have the time to study, but if your life is getting more and more cluttered, you may need to reprioritize. In this case, a tutor may not be the answer – strict scheduling or a life coach may be the solution.

3. Do you feel like you’re consistently confused as the semester or year goes on? In some classes, like math and science, it’s difficult to understand concepts if you fall behind in the beginning, because certain concepts build on each other. It’s important to catch up to the rest of the class, which is why a tutor may be helpful in getting you up to speed.

If you’re not sure where you stand in certain subjects, you may need an assessment. It’s easy to order today and find out exactly how well you’re performing!

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